A Tidy Home Could Launch You Into Your Next Chapter

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We bet you haven’t done a deep clean in your attic, garage or basement lately. Or how about your living room, your closets or your kitchen? We all accumulate “stuff” that adds up over the years and clutters our living and storage spaces, which makes cleaning and utilizing these areas difficult.

Most experts recommend that we deep clean all areas of our home at least once or twice per season, to prevent the buildup of dust and germs, maintain pest control, and keep a neat, tidy space that promotes healthy living. When we do maintain a clean living space there are numerous benefits:

However, nearly half of Americans report they only deep-clean their home once a year. The average adult worldwide admits to decluttering their home about once every three years, with many holding on to items they haven’t even touched in more than five years.

With so many odds and ends filling up space in your home, it is understandable to find challenges in keeping up with cleaning, maintaining a tidy home and utilizing all of your living space.

By bringing in your local Caring Transitions team within Los Angeles, Marina del Rey, Venice, Westchester, Culver City, Baldwin Hills, Laimert Park, Playa Vista, Windsor Hills, Ladera Heights to assist with decluttering and a home clean-out, the stress and physical labor required to improve your living space is taken care of. Our senior relocation specialists will create an individualized plan specific to your needs, helping you rid yourself of the accumulated stuff you no longer need and creating more clean, open space.

Plus, our estate sale providers and our online auction platform, CTBids, help monetize the things you no longer need, all while clearing up your home.

A cleaner, clutter-free home will set you up for success and help launch you into your next chapter. Whether you are someone in your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or beyond, it is never too late to refocus your goals and intentions and live the life of your dreams.

Studies have proven that having a tidier home boosts creativity and productivity. Now is the perfect time to stretch your creative wings, in whatever way you choose. We are creative when we write a book, draw or paint, cook a new recipe, sew and crochet, play guitar or start a podcast.

It’s also been shown that having a clean, decluttered home boosts the opportunity for social engagement. Have you ever dreamed of hosting a book club? Or starting a volunteer group? Maybe you’ve always wanted to host neighborhood parties or mentor the next generation. Social connection is a vital part of a healthy future. Use this opportunity to expand your relationships and meet new people.

With a clearer space, regular home maintenance becomes easier, and you’ll have more time on your hands to pursue your passions. Our later years are a blessing -- a time to do what we want, with the people that we want. Take action now to set yourself up for an improved living space, and the way you live your life will improve, too.

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